About Shawn Natour


Shawn Natour

Shawn Natour comes with twenty plus years of management experience providing professional services, project management and consulting services to a variety of government and private sector clients in the US and around the world

He has developed Brand and Go to Market strategies for multiple organizations prior to joining Titan Systems working with CEOs and executives to grow their market footprint and meet their business objectives. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in the IT and security industries.

Prior to joining Titan Systems, he ran his own ICT design build company that catered to DoD, delivering multiple successful deployments at Air Force bases around the world. With strong experience in the Cloud and Managed services space, he helped the government of Qatar launch the first Cloud computing services provider that was rated as the most successful technology startup in Qatar.

Shawn has expanded Titan Systems reach to a variety of customers around the world utilizing his expertise and global network.

He graduated from the University of Maryland U.C. with a BA, Information Systems Management. He has more than 25 years of experience as a strategist for IT businesses, specializing in large projects enablement, project leadership, and digital services.

Successful track record in selling and managing IT solutions, SaaS, Cloud and Managed services. Expert in executing complex projects and improving business performance. Deep commercial expertise of Managed Services Operations and Delivery to lead modernization and transformation of organizations. A well-versed leader with a proven track record in developing new markets in the SaaS and Cloud arena.

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