About Clint Miller


Clint Miller

Clint is a tower demolition and erection for expert.  He has completed US Customs & Border Protection / FAA multi-site microwave backhaul upgrades for RVSS video data network along the southern US border including Federal LMR & microwave site assessment, inventory, upgrade & maintenance in remote locations accessible only by helicopter or climbing. Cellular experience includes Sprint, ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Clearwire. Tower decommissioning for the FAA including weight calculations and lift plans.

He has designed and implemented biologically inspired artificial intelligence for distributed, untraceable, highly robust digital network communication.  Implemented cellular network signal decoding and exploit testing framework.

Clint has led teams to design, deploy, monitor and maintain mission critical, performance sensitive, image intensive medical networks with an emphasis on ophthalmology and radiology. As a business leader he has managed vendors, contractors, engineers, and client expectations deploying health system VPNs worldwide. Designed and coded linux based VPN security appliances.

Designed and implemented wavelet-based media translation servers in C++

Designed and implemented distributed, genetic algorithm based, wavelet image compression parameter optimizers including the implementation of wavelet image compression plug-ins for GIMP, Photoshop, and various web browsers.

Clint has designed and implemented platform independent / recognizer independent “Speech Application Frameworks" for behavioral and human interface experimentation in a variety of environments.

Helped install and maintain collocated amateur radio equipment including, power, radios, coax, grounding, antennas, and alignment from 1.8 MHz to 24 GHz. Also decommissioned old, dangerous, or code violating towers for older hams and “silent keys”.

He has Designed and implemented application-level protocol to integrate telephony switching, speech recognition, internet content and access. Conducted seminars in speech recognition techniques. Clint has a variety of Patents and Publications. And is an expert in various Software Languages and Publications.

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