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Chris Gettings

Chris Gettings has been CEO of Titan Systems since founding the company in 2017.

Prior to Titan Systems he was the CEO of VideoNEXT since 2003 which became part of Titan Systems in 2017.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of information technology. He has a particular expertise in digital video and computer vision. He is engaging, and brings superior interpersonal skills to resolve complex sales, technical, legal, finance, HR and operational challenges for the organization.

Mr. Gettings is a technology architect; he conceives and refines the product vision through frequent interactions with customers, vendors and scientists. He works with stakeholders to understand the domain, elicit requirements, identify viable solutions, estimate software development, and oversee the delivery. He assesses alternatives based on identified constraints such as cost, complexity, schedule, space, power, safety, usability, reliability, maintainability & availability, and advocates for the most suitable options. He is inventor or co-inventor on one issued, and multiple patents provisional & pending in the area of computer vision.

Early on he recognized that enterprises would shift from circuit switched (ISDN) networks for carrying video to packet switched (IP) networks. This insight along with his previous experience was the foundation for videoNEXT’s security technology. Mr. Gettings conceived videoNEXT’s first generation software based on Linux and the LAMP stack. Over time, he led the change from premise based “close-to-metal” servers to virtualized environments, then multi-tenant, platform-based cloud services, and native REST APIs. He drove the videoNEXT development team from Waterfall to the Agile development model. He  chairs Titan’s Change Control Board. He acts as a System Architect, designing mission critical digital video solutions to meet complex needs.

Mr. Gettings has designed and implemented video systems for demanding customers including the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US intelligence agencies, Amtrak, Verizon, the New York Yankees, the Washington Redskins, the US DHS, US TSA, US CBP and the world’s largest company, Saudi Aramco. Mr. Gettings led Titan’s IA and cyber-security efforts to obtain DIACAP and FISMA certifications to operate on government networks, and comply with ITAR, and ISO-9000 Quality Management standards.

He has founded, acquired or sold eight companies and raised more than $20M from institutional investors. He maintains the flow of information to investors and evangelizes for the business in capital markets.

He leads the enterprise, providing guidance, recruiting new talent, empowering individuals and continually optimizing the team fit. He utilizes careful analysis and quick insights to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. He motivates his team to peak performance.

Mr. Gettings attended College at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and George Mason University. He is a member of the IEEE, and a director of two startup companies.

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